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Wartime Melodies 2018 Photos

In what has become an annual concert to commemorate Anzac Day … Mitcham City Brass, together with their Musical Director Steven Packer, presented a pleasant Sunday afternoon program paying tribute to our war heroes, featuring a montage of wartime musical

Marches Concert Photos

An excellent concert on the weekend for those who love marches. Thanks to The City of Holdfast Bay Concert Band for joining with us and contributing to a spectacular event.

More Festival Pics

Thanks to Alan Luesby for these.

Mitcham Band Festival Pics

Fantastic event held at the Vogue Theatre. Here are some photos from the evening session. More from the day to come soon.  

Soozie View!

Technology and innovation meets the tradition of brass bands and ANZAC day when Brenton, our tuba/sousaphone player, adds a GoPro to the mix.

Recording session

Mitcham finally spent a day working on a project that Steven Packer has had on he boil for a few years. Set up in the Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church the band recorded a range of pieces with the hope